What are the reception opening hours?
8.30am to 7pm
What do I do if I am arriving late after reception is closed?
We have a Night Manager who is on-site to check you in after hours. After 7pm use the phone  (0800 555 775) and let us know if you’re going to be late so we can make arrangements. There is a doorbell on the front door which you can press and the Night Manager will come to assist you, if no one comes, the Night manager will have a phone with them where you can call, after 7pm use the phone (02108985671) 

Can you book activities and tours in Queenstown?

Yes. We provide a full booking service and lots of information, not just about Queenstown,but also surrounding areas and the rest of New Zealand.

Do I need to bring linen?

No you do not. We make all beds with fresh, clean linen including duvets and all rooms are heated.


Can I work in exchange for accommodation?

We do sometimes need people with valid work visas to help around the hostel, but this situation changes all the time. Please either call or email us.


How far are you from all of the action in town?

We are less than a five minute walk to the bars, restaurants, shops and Lake Wakatipu - New Zealand's longest lake!


Is there a supermarket close by?

Yes, less than a 2 minute walk from us – and this is the biggest supermarket in Queenstown. (Open until 11pm)


Do you have off-street parking?

Yes we do. It is completely free of charge.


Are you a party hostel?

No. We actively encourage guests to socialise together and our guests often cook dinner together, play games and go out to the bars in groups, but we also want our guests to be comfortable and this means we have a no noise rule after 10:00pm so that all guests can get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the next day in Queenstown or wherever they are heading next. We have a Night Manager who is on-site for emergencies and to ensure there is no noise late at night.


How do I get there from the airport?

There are two options:

Queenstown Public bus, check this page to have a better route. At time of writing the fare was $10 per person.

Airport Shuttle. This will drop you off at Flaming Kiwi's door. The price at time of writing was $20 for one person, $26 for two.

Both leave the airport frequently and the journey will take approx 15 mins.